10 Strategies to Overcome Overwhelm

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Too much to do and having a hard time focusing on the things on your list? Do you have goals and projects you want to get done but keep getting stopped by feelings of stress and overwhelm?

Here’s my top 10 tips for overcoming the overwhelm so you can painlessly get moving toward your goals and projects today!

This isn’t just a “listen and forget it” type of workshop- it not only teaches you life-improving strategies for improving your productivity, but helps you create actionable steps on how to actually apply them to your life- no more vague “somedays”, but gives you encouragement to actually DO them now!

Workshop includes:

  • Video walkthrough of each of the 10 strategies in a single short & digestible sitting. Don’t worry about setting aside hours for this training- it’ll have you up and going in no time! (Video length: 9 minutes)
  • Workbook to reflect on the strategies discussed and create an action plan to apply them into your life. Thought-provoking questions to help you find ways each tip can fit into your life. (Workbook length: 9 pages.)
  • Printable Wall-art poster to display as a reminder of your strength and determination in overcoming your challenges and reaching your goals.
  • Audio-only MP3 of the training for listening on the go.
  • Transcript of the entire training to read, print, or highlight.
  • Workshop slides for later reference.