90 Day Goals Workshop

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🌟 Learn how to finally set goals you’ll actually achieve in this 90-Day Goals Workshop! 🌟

🌸 Discover the goalsetting game-changer that has completely changed the way I plan my days, weeks, and months ahead.

With this approach, I’m able to accomplish way more than I ever could before- I stay motivated longer, I’ve stopped losing track of my progress, and I have way more clarity of my next steps forward.

With it’s critical characteristics of being flexible and adaptable, this technique will fit flawlessly into your busy life. Change it up and make it your own- you’ll never go back to traditional goalsetting again.

This system just… works!

Grab the 25 minute workshop and arm yourself with the tools you need to set your path toward the person you dream of being.

🎯 Why 90-Day Goals? Say goodbye to overwhelming yearly aspirations and hello to a far more adaptable and achievable approach to planning your life and schedule. Learn how 90-day goals provide the flexibility needed for busy, everyday life, allowing you to thrive in both personal and professional zones (no matter what life throws at you!)

Dive into the detailed process designed just for a busy woman like you (who surely has lots of balls in the air and a lot of things you’d like to do) ensuring your goals are completely tailored to your life’s unpredictable twists and demands.

💖 Learn a step-by-step process to set and achieve your goals within your unique circumstances, and join me in a transformative experience that will help you change your life (one goal at a time!)

Don’t miss your opportunity to create balance, sketch out a plan, and start making things happen in your life for the next three months.

Workshop includes:

  • Video training on the what, why, and hows of 90 Day goals. (Video length: ~25 minutes) 
  • Notion 90 Day Goal Planner with a general yearly vision page, and a page for each of 4 Quarters throughout the year. Databases include: Life Zones, Goals, Projects, Task, and Habit Planning. Reflection questions included for each Life Zone, Quarterly & Goal planning, as well as Weekly reflections.
  • Complete Demo/Walkthrough of the Notion Planner explaining how to set 90 Day goals and how to make it work for you.  (Video length: ~42 minutes) 
  • Canva Template for a yearly Vision Board to help you set your overall inspiration and intention.
  • Audio-only MP3 of the training for listening on the go. 
  • Printable Transcript of the entire training to read, print, or highlight.