Calm the Chaos: a 5-Day Productivity Challenge

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Overwhelmed & Burnt-Out?

Tired of feeling like you’re not getting anything done at the end of the day? 

Are you ready to ramp up your productivity and start crushing your goals? In this 5-Day Challenge, you’ll determine what’s working (and what’s not!) in your current systems, make new plans to succeed on your tasks and responsibilities, & dive into practical productivity tips & hacks. 

In just five days, you’ll learn how to select & focus on your real priorities, improve your efficiency, get more of the RIGHT things done, while making the most of your very limited time.

Peek Inside the Challenge!

For each day of the 5-Day Productivity Challenge, you’ll get: 

  • Video lesson or demonstration.
  • Summary of the lesson’s main points, a list of additional resources & a description of that day’s exploration activity.
  • A workbook page to explore the lesson’s topic and put your learning to use. 
  • Audio version of the lesson for listening on the go.