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 Are you tired of having 694923534 items on your To-Do List? 

Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Working all day long but feeling like you’re not even making any progress?

If you feel discouraged by a to-do list that never seems to shrink (no matter how much effort you put into getting your tasks done each day), you need to learn about…  


… aka

 Most Important Tasks 

Transform your productivity (and your Mental Health) by releasing all the guilt and expectation of trying to get a thousand things done in a day… 

Just pick THREE!! 

You read that right! 

What if I said you could get MORE done in a day by ONLY doing THREE tasks in a day (and not trying to force yourself to do more when you’re already feeling burnt-out and exhausted?) 

What if you could stop feeling useless and lazy at the end of the day? 

What if you ended each day feeling energized, productive, and like you’ve actually ACCOMPLISHED something? 

Want to learn how? 

It’s all inside the MITs Workshop. 

What You’ll Learn:

🔑 The MITs Technique: Discover the power of selecting your three most important tasks each day, ending your day feeling productive and accomplished.

📊 Effective Prioritization: Learn how to break down your lengthy to-do lists and prioritize tasks based on impact and deadlines. 

🧠 Brain Dump Method: Master the art of decluttering your mind by writing down all your tasks and goals, then organizing them for maximum efficiency. 

🔍 Task Breakdown: Understand how to condense down large, daunting tasks into manageable steps that fit into your daily schedule. 

📆 Daily Planning Strategies: Get practical tips on setting up your MITs each day, whether in the morning or the night before, to kickstart your productivity.

How Can This Workshop Help You? 

😰 Overcome Overwhelm: Simplify your workload by focusing on three key tasks each day, reducing stress and enhancing focus. 

⚡️ Boost Efficiency: By targeting high-impact tasks, you’ll make significant progress towards your goals without feeling burned out. 

🧘‍♀️ Gain Clarity: A clear, prioritized to-do list helps you make better decisions and avoid the frustration of unproductive days. 

🏆 Feel Accomplished: Even if you only complete your MITs (and nothing else), you’ll still end each day with a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Who is this For? 

I typically work with busy women- those who work both within their home managing all the logistics necessary for their family life to run smoothly and those who work outside their home in a myriad of career situations. 

But really, the concepts within this MITs workshop can apply to anyone…

✅ seeking to manage their workload more effectively and boost their overall productivity. 

 🤯 feeling overwhelmed by their to-do list and eager to regain control of their time

⚖️ who wants to create a better balance between responsibilities & personal goals.

📚 looking to streamline their tasks and focus on their own personal growth.

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 Don’t let your to-do list control you! Start your journey today towards a more organized, efficient, and guilt-free life.

Say goodbye to stress, take charge of your schedule and your day, and start making every action count with the MITs system.

It can change your life! (It did for me!) 

***This workshop was originally recorded for the Productivity Coaching Membership: Mindful Productivity Tribe. You can access it and additional workshops like it inside the Membership for less than $15/month (or $150/year), plus many more benefits such as personalized 1:1 coaching and an exclusive Life Management course. Let me help you with motivation and accountability while you work through your day and achieve your goals. Check it all out and join us here.*** 

Questions? Contact me at anytime!

Workshop includes:

  •  Video training on the what, why, and hows of MITs. (Video length: ~36 minutes) 
  •  Printable Weekly Planner with space to record your Weekly & Daily MITs (as well as additional daily & weekly tasks, appointments, & habit tracking.) Printable comes in 2 variations: B&W (for easy printing) & Full color. US Letter. 
  • Google Slides Spreadsheet for digital planning & tracking tracking of your MITs . 
  •  Audio-only MP3 of the training for listening on the go. 
  •  Printable Transcript of the entire training to read, print, or highlight.