Procrastination to Productive

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Are you ready to stop beating yourself over your tendency to procrastinate and actually discover some things you can DO about it?

If procrastination is something you struggle with, you’re definitely not alone. It’s an incredibly common problem and there’s no quick or easy fix, but there are ways you can address and even minimize it in your life. Let’s chat about why you’re procrastinating and some things you can do to combat the temptation to put things off.

Workshop includes:

  • Video training on the reasons many of us fall prone to Procrastination, and several ideas to combat it so you can finally stop putting things off and getting the things on your list DONE- once and for all! (Video length: 27 minutes) 
  • Workbook pages to plan and organize your tasks so you stop getting stuck and so you’ll know exactly what to work on (and when!) Also included are pages to help you track your distractions & tendencies to procrastinate and list the changes you’ll make to stop it from happening. (Workbook length: 8 pages.)
  • Printable Posters & Decorative Art Prints listing ideas to stop procrastinating and ways to be more productive overall. Also includes 4 decorative art prints to display in your home or on your phone to keep you motivated and remind you of the important strategies taught in the workshop. (2 Posters & 4 Art Prints)
  • Audio-only MP3 of the training for listening on the go. 
  • Printable Transcript of the entire training to read, print, or highlight.
  • PDF Of all Slides used in the workshop presentation for note taking or for later reference..