3: Adding a Background & Intro to Canva Graphics (Creating the Foundation)

The following video was part of a series of tutorials demonstrating how to customize planner templates in Canva. The example given is for a different Template set I offer, but is still applicable to the Home Management Planner Templates you purchased. You can still follow along and complete all the same steps using your templates as shown in the video. If you would like access to the Meal Planner templates referenced in the video, you can grab them at a 40% off discount here.

Tip: To find background graphics in Canva, also search for “pattern”.

If you’re not finding something you love, check out the pattern selection on creativefabrica.

I’m a yearly subscriber, so I have unlimited downloads for my account. Where you see green checkmarks on my screen, you’ll see the (super low) price for each element on yours (unless you’re a subscriber too.) Most things are $1 or less. If you’re interested in becoming a subscriber, check to see what kind of deal they’re offering right now, as sometimes they have one at a deep discount.