4: Changing Fonts (Setting the Tone)

The following video was part of a series of tutorials demonstrating how to customize planner templates in Canva. The example given is for a different Template set I offer, but is still applicable to the Home Management Planner Templates you purchased. You can still follow along and complete all the same steps using your templates as shown in the video. If you would like access to the Meal Planner templates referenced in the video, you can grab them at a 40% off discount here.

I didn’t do it this time, but you can also change the fonts in the header boxes of each table. You can use the same font as the title or a different one- just always make sure the fonts you choose are readable!

If you’re a Canva Pro user, you can also upload your favorite fonts to use in Canva. You can find some quality ones on Creativefabrica.